TakeMyHand.co™  is a groundbreaking wellness digital solution that eliminates the distance gap in receiving emotional support.  TakeMyHand.co™ was born from the Help@Hand Riverside Innovation Program in 2019 and went live in April 17, 2020. It is a Peer-to-Peer Support Specialist live chat interface using the internet, where Medi-Cal Certified Live Peer Support Operators engage with individual chat visitor in real-time conversations about emotional wellness. Peer chat operators help chat visitors build resiliency and, if needed, connect to resources and services. It is anonymous, non-judgmental and always free.

Anyone (16 and older)  who is looking for emotional support, experiencing stress, feeling anxious or any other distress. The challenge may come in the form of relationships, habits, finances, physical or emotional health, or spirituality. Whatever it is, our Peer Support Specialists have either been through it, or something similar! 

No, we do not offer therapeutic services nor will this replace any services you currently are participating in. This platform is an added support service that is offered when you need it. We are not therapists. 

We are currently available Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. As we know, life hits us at all hours of the day.  You may (on the very rare occasion) encounter a wait-time. Please either stay with us, or try again later, as we really do want to chat with you!

We have a large array of local and digital resources that we can give you. We can assist in getting you linked to Behavioral Health services within the RUHS system of care.

Also, check out our Resources page to explore more!

A Peer Support Specialist is someone that has life experience with a mental health diagnosis and/or substance abuse issue; and is in recovery and able to role model living life to its fullest potential. Peer Support Specialist must be certified and go through a rigorous two- week training that is equivalent to a three-unit college credit class.

A Peer Support Specialists is trained and uses lived experiences to connect with people who are having life challenges. The PSS/Peer Operator will support you by listening and validating your concerns, offering resources, providing coping strategies and linking you to the right level of care. Peer Support is not just for the person struggling but also for the families/friends of someone who is struggling. 

Yes, all employees are mandated reporters. We can only report what information you have provided and with the website being anonymous the visitor would have to be willing to give the operator the information needed to report abuse/neglect.

All the Peer Support Specialists operating the chat have been trained in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and can engage in that conversation to determine if higher level of care is needed. We have Clinical Therapists staffed and ready to have a chat transferred to them if a Visitor agrees to the transfer.

No. TakemyHand™ website is funded through the Riverside University Health System- Behavioral Health Department.

Not at this time. We want an environment free from boundaries, allowing you to share and engage in a conversation at your speed. You are in control of how long or short the conversation is.

No. TakemyHand™ is a free community service through Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health.

TakemyHand™ Peer Chat is intended for use by consumers ages 16 and older. Because we care about children and the special challenges they face, RUHS – BH consumers under the age of 16 are strongly discouraged from utilizing this resource and we will provide them with information to connect with Children’s Services and age appropriate resources. 

TakemyHand™ is an anonymous platform which does not collect any identifying information and does not sell any of your information. What information you provide under the terms of service is used for data collection to better provide an understanding of how TakemyHand™ can better serve the community