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Facing a life challenge and not sure who to talk to?

Are there moments where you feel uncertain to reach out to friends, family or coworkers? Looking for unbiased support? TakeMyHand was created with you in mind; connecting you to someone who understands and is ready to listen and offer help on how to live a more satisfying life.

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  1. Coping skills and resources
  2. Safe space that’s judgment free
  3. A sounding board and good ear to listen

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Our Peers are here for you

TakemyHand peer chat operators are specially trained, have lived experience, and can relate to your struggles. Our safe space is here to offer hope, validation, and empowerment to uplift you. You matter. We care. There’s no judgment, just acceptance.

You don’t have to struggle through your challenges alone anymore

Our peers can help. We are here to listen and support. We care.

Anonymous. Safe. Always Free.

Please Note: TakeMyHand Peer Chat is not an emergency service. If you think you have a psychiatric or medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

Anonymous. Safe. Always Free.